Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Ford is all about The Sheed (also known as The Official Rasheed of The Official Blog of The Ford), now that he's made the long journey from Portland to Detroit, the long journey back to "covering" him on a daily basis. Of course, this Sheed is a kinder, gentler, more lovable Sheed. The same number of technical fouls, but it's all good when the team's got a couple of Eastern Conference titles.

It frees us up to enjoy The Sheed's more, well, enjoyable statements.

Like this one: "I'll go wherever my shot'll take me. If it's down there in the low post, I'ma go to the low post. If it's a mid-range 'J', I'ma knock that down. It don't matter. Anywhere on that 94 (the length of the basketball court) is my range."

Good to get that cleared up.

And yes, The Ford once again pimped out a story from The Official Newspaper, for the second day in a row. In his defense, he'd have done it twice if he could have gotten instant access to the whole Niklas Kronwall/Swedish alphabet sidebar right way, rather than just plagiarizing it with an almost inaccurate retelling of it unsourced. Wait, was that supposed to be a defense?

Eh, screw it. The Ford'll just back out the door quietly and leave you with this challenge from the good folks at Pilsner Urquell, as well as the good folks at (Their mott0: "Seeming to think we're smarter than The Ford since 1953.")


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