Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ahhh... it's the most wonderful day of the year: Opening Day.

Yes, The Ford finally managed to make it to one of them, catching the Tigers' 10-inning loss to Toronto with a bevy of buddies including, but not limited to, The Official Girlfriend, The Official Best Friend and The Official Tiger. (OK, The Official Tiger was a bit distracted, seeing as how he was pitching, but he was with The Ford in spirit...)

Though, just as the mice will play when the cat's away, when The Ford's at a Tigers game ... yes, the ladies will seek out his Myspace profile.

14 separate friend requests from scantilly clad women The Ford doesn't know. 14.


If The Ford wasn't skeptical of any medium where porn is given away for free, he'd almost be excited.

As it is, though, he's just annoyed he has to go clean out his friend requests. Again.



At 8:02 PM, April 08, 2007, Blogger The Soviet said...

i obviously need to do a hard refresh of your page because i didn't see all these entries until JUST NOW.


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