Friday, March 23, 2007

Greetings from sunny Detroit and The Official Bar, faithful readers. (The Ford's tempted to greet all three of you by name, but well, he doesn't want to get anyone in trouble...)

Previously on The Official Vacation of The Official Blog...
Day 1: The drive to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (Someday, someone will come up with a decent nickname for that area. For now, The Ford's calling it "Drunkytown")
Day 2: The drive to Atlanta (Complete with late-night Chinese food and a rousing game of "Bar or Strip Club?"
Day 3: St. Patty's Day in Atlanta (Complete with MORE late-night Chinese food, lots of booze, a crashed house party, and a devastating Coug loss THAT NEVER HAPPENED.)
Day 4: The big push to Orlando (Complete with, um, laid-back chilling at multiple hotels)
Day 5: Tigers 6, Reds 2 (Complete with a fun dinner at Chick-fil-a, and a game of miniature golf in which The Ford showed off his mastery of putting.)
Day 6: More miniature golf when the Tigers' game vs. the Pirates is sold out (Complete with a Duval-like collapse on the first 27 holes of the miniature golf rematch, and a stunning recovery for par on the final nine, plus, well, lots of drinking on the course. All miniature golf courses should sell beer by the bucket.)
Day 7: Universal Studios (Complete with several rides, some good ribs, some Spider-Man underwear, and a viewing of "300." It might be impossible for The Ford to top this level of geekiness for a while.)
Day 8: Tigers 5, Indians 4 (Complete with a blown save by Jonesy, a ninth-inning rally by the Tigers, and 3 hours of driving immediately following the game)
Day 9: 18 additional hours of driving (Complete with the WORST waffle The Ford has ever had, at a Waffle House clone in Georgia

Anyway, enough with the recap... The Ford's got three more days of vacation left. What does that mean for you, Official Readers?

Probably not much, though there is the possibility of posts during a marathon baseball draft session tomorrow...

Tonight, though, there's... LINKS!

The Ford applauds this effort out of the nation's capitol, but can't help but feel there's a SLIIIIIIGHT Beltway bias...

You never like to see anyone get hit by a car (unless they're a F'Usky), but the really interesting thing in this story is that North Carolina's mascot is apparently named after a condom. Good to know.

Tigers 6, Reds 2 (Monday)
Kenny Rogers looks good, and it looks like Zumaya's abandoned any idea of easing up on the fastballs -- he was hitting 102 mph for the better part of two innings. A good thought, especially when his change-up drops down to 83 mph like it did Wednesday.
Tigers 5, Indians 4
Sometimes Todd Jones just falls apart on the mound. Ugh. Though the worse thing might have been the Tigers teeing off on Fausto "Terrible Closer" Carmona for upwards of 10 hits, and scoring only 4 runs, thanks to 6 double plays. Best comment of the night from The Official Drinking Buddy, uttered when Polanco came up for the first time all night with no runners on base: "Right now, Polanco is trying to figure out how to hit into a double play with nobody on..."
Also, Bonderman, well, he's The Official Tiger of The Official Blog, but it can be tough when he starts nibbling at the corners with a sizable lead. Once he figured out to just chase hitters with his heater, things settled down. Still, the Opening Day starter went only five innings, with only one start left in Lakeland. Go figure.

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