Tuesday, October 31, 2006

After months of searching for a source of thin-sliced pastrami (sorry, Hilshire Farms, but rippping the pastrami off the cow, packaging it, and then calling it "thin-slice" just doesn't cut it.) , The Ford finally gave up and bought some packages of corned beef.

Long has The Ford disdained corned beef as a lesser variation on pastrami. (It's basically pastrami minus the smoking process.)

But tonight, The Ford made himself his first corned beef sandwich -- corned beef, mustard, mayo and Muenster cheese, on dark rye.

Delicious. Just delicious.

(Yeah, that was a lame post, even for The Ford, but, well, it was a freakin' awesome sandwich. Here, enjoy the Anne Hathaway as The Ford tries not to flash back to the afternoon he made the mistake of taking a nap in the theater hosting an afternoon showing of "The Princess Diaries." Really, the only thing creepier than going to sleep in an empty theater and waking up surrounded by 12-year-old girls is then watching a pretty good movie, and then trying to nonchalantly meander out of the theater filled with said 12-year-olds, all of whom are a full two feet shorter than you. Creepy all around.)


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