Tuesday, August 15, 2006

For anyone who doubts that downtown Detroit is a very tiny -- albeit pleasant -- area, The Ford presents his Monday night, where, walking to a bar to drink and play Golden Tee (The Ford has made peace with his lameness, thankyewvurrymuch) , he ran into The Official Friend from The Official Bar, going to meet his cousin for dinner. A few beers later -- plus a game of Golden Tee; The Ford's not completely without the wherewithall to complete his sad plans -- well, The Ford was meeting some entirely new folks, some of whom were willing to forgive a willingness to ignore the scantily clad women hanging about The Ford in favor of mid-game highlights from The Oakland/Seattle game. Proving that, once again, something truly horrible happened in The Ford's brain when he bacame an M's fan.

And then The Ford ended up back at The Official Bar, meeting people who work at The Official Newspaper, and at The Official Competition, most of whom know one of The Ford's best friends.

Did he mention that it's a small damn town, especially when you exist mostly within a 2-square-mile region?

In other news, Sleater-Kinney -- self-named for one of The Ford's favorite streets in The Official Home Region -- is going on hiatus. The Ford's not entirely sure what that entails, but he's pretty sure it means he won't ever be seeing them in concert.

In other, non-Ford-centric news...

Ms. Lohan is lving La Vida Sideboob... Bloggers -- and pre-pubescent boys -- everywhere rejoice.

Ms. Page is getting a second life -- albeit in strictly 2-dimensional form -- back home in Seattle ... (Oh, and let's stop to note two things... 1.) The Ford has used "albeit" waaaay too much here; he may have to break out "whom" pretty soon... and 2.) It's the real Bettie Page, and not Gretchen Mol, who, while incredibly hot in hier own way, doesn't hold a candle to Ms. Page.)

The Ford has a new list of words to work into his daily usage, albe... er, though, he might have to stretch a bit to get "gobtheknob" out there. All the rest, though, well, he's got down... (Too bad he's got Cingular phone coverage, which presumably has a similar list which is better protected...)

Joel Stein gets on board The Ford's anti-Elmo train, even as The Ford patiently waits for his bouquet of balloons (featuring a talking-Elmo balloon) to die. Of course, Mr. Stein also lambasts the folks who talk in the third person, which The Ford can't help but feel a bit offended by. Nevertheless...

Thus Linketh The Ford....


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