Monday, August 14, 2006

Y'know, The Ford's fond of saying, whenever there's a player taking out his frustrations on his bat or his glove, that "a good craftsman never blames his tools."

And he truly believes this, no matter how many times he confronts his computer at The Official Newspaper with multiple F-bombs and promises to re-enact the climactic scene from "2001: A Space Odyssey."

All the same, he couldn't help thinking Torii Hunter might be onto something with his plans of retribution for his glove...

Perhaps the best part of the story?

"When the five-time Gold Glove winner misses a play, he nukes his glove for 30 seconds before taking the field the following day. If he commits an error, the glove gets heated for two minutes.

'That's punishment,' Hunter said. 'You do something bad, you go to hell.' "

That's a vindictive Torii Hunter, all right.

Of course, The Ford's personal Torii Hunter (or would that be a personal Torus Hunter?) is a kind and loving Torii Hunter, the funloving soul always up for a walk on the beach or a session of turning water into wine.

No, wait, that's Joe Mauer's job...


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