Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sad to say, but the most valuable function on The Ford's cell phone might be the calculator. There's just something cool about preemptively figuring out tips on however many beers you're planning on drinking. Or figuring out how much of your weekly budget goes toward beers, and how much goes to tipping the hot bartender.

Geekiness is good.

Not good? That the already late-starting MLB opener is now in a perpetual rain delay... Welcome to the East Coast.

Other sadnesses? Seeing Jon Lovitz doing commercials for Subway aping his "Thespian" SNL character. Then again, I hated that character. So it's not so much the abuse of a beloved character as it is seeing a hated character about a million times on TV. (If The Ford had cable right now.) Next up, Martin Lawrence doing "She'neh'neh" for Long John Silver's.

You've been warned.


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