Friday, February 10, 2006

While we're on the topic of pop culture (though, really, are we ever off it?), here's a secretly fun 'blog-game for after-work time: "Madonna-Mia!"

How it works:
Search Google Images for "Madonna"
Then count how many photos show her:
1. Nipples, either covered or not.
2. As a brunette
3. Bending over, or otherwise showing excessive clevage.
4. Making out with Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera
5. Legs in fishnet or shear stockings.
6. During her "Blonde Amibition" or "Vogue" tours.
7. Only her face, thanks to their tight crops.
8. Tight crops.
9. In multiple categories.
10. In none of these categories.
11. Not in the photo at all, but there is some chick who mothered the Christ Child. Go figure.

If you're bored, put them in chronological order.
If you're enterprising, take bets on which of these categories has the most pics.
If you're bold, ponder which of these you'd consider masturbating to.
Then discuss.
(And don't say I never gave ya nothin'.)


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