Thursday, February 09, 2006

So, that was good, right? I mean, I didn't have any links, or any names to drop, or any pictures, or anything fancy, but it was a start.

Consider these couple of postings like the TV show that starts out with an extra-long pilot. You're getting some extra content tonight, people! (2, or 3, or 4 posts, on a single night!
Multiple exclamation points! Wahoo!) I always preferred the shows that started out with a solid episode to the ones that had the requisite "how they got together" plot. My two cents: Start with a good episode, and then, if we're hooked, we'll come back for the flashback episode that explains how things started. (See "Firefly" vs. "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" on DVD for an example of why you should never start with the "getting started episode.")

So, who am I? (This is patenly ridiculous, since almost everyone reading this, at least for now, is someone I've e-mailed with the address to this blog. I'm hoping for some Ebola-like spreading of this blog, but, let's be realistic, I've never been a Ebola-like guy.)

My name is Ford. I recently moved to downtown Detroit. I'm 26, I'm a newspaper designer (thus I don't actually write, thus the creation of this blog) and I'm single. (Save the jokes. While I enjoy them, both about my name, my town, and the combination thereof, I think I've heard almost all of them. This warning is for your sake, not mine. Be original.)

Seems like everyone I now know has a blog, so, of course, I have to have one, too. (Mostly cause I mistt having a newspaper column, and trying to replicate the experience through late-night phone calls is a pain, what with the work and the drinking and the time zones.) I'm gonna try to post more regularly than some folks I know, though I doubt it'll be more than once a day. It probably won't be abut anything in particular, even though most of the blogs I read regularly are about specific topics. (They're also written by folks paid to spooge words on a regular basis; we'll talk payment when I've got folks I DON'T know reading this thing.) I'm mostly counting on my personal cult of personality to carry me through. Or else I'll just stop writing.

Brilliance? Editing? Quality control? Wouldn't bet on any of those.

Eventually, I'll have links on here to stories, sites, pics, movies, sounds, etc. I found on the Web -- or more accurately, stuff other folks found on the Web and I shamelessly reposted. I'll try to avoid the sports stuff, and the comic book stuff, since those appeal to very small segments of my incredibly HUGE audience. But for now, in my drunken stupor, I'm just laying out my actual opinions on whatever's come to mind over the past few days, sans pretty stuff.

Text rules.

God help us all.


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